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Accredited Administrative Professional with Foreign Languages and European Studies (two semesters, full-time)

Commercial College for Business Languages and European Studies Berlin


  • Staatlich geprüfte/r Europakorrespondent/in
    Accredited Administrative Professional with Foreign Languages and European Studies

One-year vocational training programme (two semesters, full-time)

Organisation of training:

Students are taught in small groups, predominantly by native-language instructors. For the most part, classes are conducted in the respective foreign language. Project work is carried out both in teams and independently by individuals.

In the subject “Communications training and technology” students become familiar with the basic aspects of how to deliver speeches or talks and of rhetoric and learn to apply them in presentations.

Career prospects:

In big companies of industry and trade as team assistants, department secretaries, personal assistants to managers; at banks, institutes, embassies, management consultancies at home and abroad as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Requirements for Admission:

Successful completion of the two-year programme at the Commercial College for Business Languages Berlin with at least satisfactory grades in the foreign language subjects


commercial vocational qualification plus good to excellent command of English and French or Spanish. An aptitude test has to be taken.

Beginning of the training programme:

August 1st. Classes start according to the Berlin vacation schedule for schools.


In person at the school’s secretary’s office, starting February 1st until the beginning of the summer break. Applications received later will be put on a waiting list.

To be submitted for Admission:

CV/résumé, photo, copies of certificates or diplomas (see: Requirements for admission), passport.

Classes and subjects taught:

34 periods of class time per week (one period equals 45 minutes)

SubjectsSubject Matter/Contents

Foreign Trade/European Studies (4 hours/week)

Communications Training and Technology (4)

First Foreign Language
English (10)

  • Oral Communication (Bilateral Interpreting/Formal Public Speaking)
  • Translation
  • Written Communication

Second Foreign Language French (10)

  • Oral Communication and Translating
  • Written Communication


Spanish (10)

  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication
  • International Diplomas

Third Foreign Language
Spanish or French
Beginners’ Course (6)

Business Languages

  • Intercultural training
  • Bilateral Interpreting
  • Rhetoric and Civilization studies
  • Translation of topical business-specific texts
  • Internet research
  • Correspondence projects by email
  • Preparation for international diplomas

Classes are taught by German and native-language instructors.

Business Studies

  • customs law and international law on sales
  • international organizations and cooperation
  • international management

Communications Training and Technology

  • planning, organising and carrying out presentations by using up-to-date application software



  • Interkulturelles Training
  • Gesprächsdolmetschen
  • Rhetorik und Kulturkunde
  • Übersetzung aktueller wirtschaftsbezogener Texte
  • Internetrecherche
  • E-Mail-Korrespondenzprojekte

Der Unterricht wird von deutschen und muttersprachlichen Lehrkräften erteilt.


  • Welthandel und Welthandelspolitik
  • Rechtliche Grundlagen des Außenhandels (Außenwirtschaftsrecht, Zollrecht, UN-Kaufrecht)
  • Außenhandelsmarketing
  • Internationales Management

Kommunikationstraining und -technik

  • Planung, Gestaltung und Durchführung von Präsentationen unter Einsatz von aktueller Anwendungssoftware
  • Informationsbeschaffung über Internet
  • Rhetorik und Präsentationstechniken

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