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Accredited Administrative Assistant with Foreign Languages (four semesters, full-time)

Commercial College for Business Languages Berlin


  • Staatlich geprüfte/r Fremdsprachenkorrespondent/in
    Accredited Administrative Assistant with Foreign Languages

Two-year vocational training programme (four semesters, full-time)

The vocational training programmes at Friedrich-List-Schule qualify graduates to take up positions in all areas of trade and industry, all lines of business and types of business organizations as long as no subject-specific technical training or university degree is required.

Job skills acquired:

  • very good command of General and Business English and French or Spanish (business correspondence, translating, interpreting, business studies)
  • all standard secretarial skills, like handling business correspondence in German and two foreign languages as well as strong computer skills (MS Office programmes: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • in-depth knowledge of business studies, foreign trade and accounting
  • application of all standard office technology, office management
  • well-versed use of the Internet and handling of email functions

All students are required to do an internship/work placement during their third semester. Financial aid available for internships in the EU

Employment prospects:

Graduates work in positions as department or executive secretaries, administrative assistants or office team assistants in:

  • big companies/corporations in trade and industry
  • domestic or foreign companies at home or abroad
  • embassies, consulates, institutes
  • small and medium-sized companies

Application for admission: To be submitted: CV/résumé, photo, copies of certificates or diplomas required for admission to the programme (see: Requirements for admission)

Requirements for admission:

Allgemeine Hochschulreife (comparable to A-levels or high school diploma including university entrance qualification)


Mittlerer Schulabschluss und kaufmännische Berufsausbildung (roughly equivalent to GCE at Ordinary Level or 10th grade high school diploma plus commercial vocational qualification)


Allgemeine Fachhochschulreife (polytechnic or university of applied sciences entrance qualification)

All applicants need proof of at least satisfactory grades in the main foreign language of their choice.

Internship Agreement (PDF)

Beginning of the training programme:

August 1st. Classes start according to the Berlin vacation schedule for schools. The first semester is a probationary period.


In person at the school’s secretary’s office, starting February 1st until the beginning of the summer break. Applications received later will be put on a waiting list.

Classes and subjects taught:

32 periods a week

Foreign language combination¹Subjects

Main Foreign Language (Advanced Level)

  • Englisch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Business Studies/Foreign Trade (5/4 hours/week)
  • Accounting (2)
  • Office Management (3/4)
  • Word Processing (4)

Second Foreign Language

  • English (Intermediate Level)
  • French (Intermediate)²
  • French (Beginners)
  • Spanish (Intermediate)²
  • Spanish (Beginners)

Main Foreign Language (English/French/Spanish)

  • Business Correspondence (3)
  • Business Studies (2)
  • Translating (3)
  • Interpreting (2)
  • Conversation/Intercultural Studies (2)

Second Foreign Language

English or French or Spanish (6)

¹ English is to be chosen in any combination. The foreign language course offers are subject to the school’s organizational scope.

² For admission to the intermediate level, a placement test has to be passed.